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Organic A2 Milk in Gurgaon, Delivered Fresh To Your Home

Now enjoy the real taste of milk, free from adulterants, delivered while it is still fresh.

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Is your milk pure? Think Again.

70% Milk Adulterated

A recent survey conducted by a Govt. body found more than 70% of milk samples in Delhi & Haryana to have been adulterated.

Adulterants like detergent, urea and pond water are found to cause food poisoning and other gastrointestinal complications.

Laced With Hormones

Most commercial dairy farms inject their animals with hormones like Oxytocin to increase milk production. This is harmful to both the animal and the milk consumer.

In humans, drinking milk laced with such hormones can cause hormonal imbalance and may also lead to early onset of puberty in otherwise healthy individuals.

Adulterated Milk Causes Cancer

Milk adulteration is an issue with major consequences for the health of the masses. Adulterated milk is highly alkaline and hence negatively impacts the health of the consumer.

Other synthetics chemicals used to adulterate milk can cause damage to the brain’s neural network, especially in children below five, and may also cause cancer.

Most Major Brands Don’t Sell Fresh Milk

Milk from other brands is collected from farmers, stored in tanks, transported to chilling hubs and then goes to their packaging centers. After this begins the process of transporting it to different cities before you finally buy the milk.

The whole process is spread across multiple days, therefore the milk gets stale and oxidized in the process.

We Have The Solution:
Organic A2 Milk in Gurgaon.

KalpaOrganic has its own dairy farms located in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana. We raise the best indigenous cow breeds in the most friendly environment possible. Our animals love us and so do we.

What is
A2 Milk?

Most cows, especially cross-breed cows produce two types of proteins in their milk: A1 & A2. Independent scientific research has proven that A1 milk protein can be harmful to humans in some instances. A1-Protein may cause indigestion, lead to diabetes among other ailments. It also damages the brain’s neural network in young children.

A2-Milk-protein, on the other hand, is quite beneficial for our body. At KalpaOrganic, each and every cow is genetically tested with the assistance of National Dairy Research Institute to make sure it produces only A2 type milk protein.

Four Reasons Why You Should Switch To A2 Milk.

Reason #1: A1 Milk Suppresses Your Immune System

The powerful opiate called casomorphin is formed in our stomach after ingesting A1-type Milk protein. This opiate is highly inflammatory and suppresses your normal immune function. In some individuals, it can also trigger or flare autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis etc. The inflammation can also increase eczema, acne and arthritis related joint pain due to the increased inflammation in the body.

Reason #2: A1 Milk Puts You At Risk Of Heart Diseases

Two different observational studies have proven a link between consumption of A1 milk and increased risk of heart diseases. One such study on rabbits has also shown similar results. In all three studies, it was found that fat build-up in injured blood vessels was far greater when people consumed A1-beta-casein milk. This fat buildup was significantly lower when A2-beta-casein milk was consumed.


Reason #3: A1 Milk is Slowly Killing Your Brain

BCM7 formed from A1-Milk damage your brain cells and destroys neural networks in your brain. Just like human limbs, neural networks do not regenerate once destroyed. Children below the age of 10 are at greater danger as their digestive system is not as strong and the opiate concentration reaches a much higher dosage because they weigh less.

Reason #4: A1 Milk Can Trigger Diabetes in Children

Type-1 Diabetes is more common in young children and one of the outcomes is the lack of insulin in the body. Multiple observational scientific research papers show that drinking A1 milk has a direct correlation with type-1 diabetes in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mix different varieties of milk?

At KalpaOrganic, we do not blend milk obtained from different breeds of cows. Our main product is A2 milk which is exclusively sourced from zebu (Indian native) breed of cows and is not mixed with any other milk.

We also source high protein buffalo milk from murrah breed of buffaloes. This milk too is not mixed or blended with milk from any other breed of cattle. Buffalo milk is stored and packed separately from the cow milk.

What Makes KalpaOrganic Milk Better?

We beat our competitors when it comes to the quality and taste of milk produced. We are able to have complete control over our quality because we control every small aspect of our cattle’s lives.

From the fodder to their ambient temperature, we control everything. Our forage is grown in our very own fields, free from synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. This ensures no harmful chemicals get introduced in the cattle’s foodchain.

Apart from this, we have fogger systems and our cattle are never chained and are free to roam about. This leads to a harmonious and stress-free environment for the cattle, and ultimately leads to better quality milk.


Is This Milk Pasteurised?

We store our fresh milk at 4° Celsius after milking and it is then stored in glass bottles. Glass bottles cut off oxygen better than polypack and help retain freshness better. The milk is then driven straight to your doorstep in refrigerated vehicles, this ensures you get fresh milk without needing pasteurization.

Pasteurization destroys a lot of the nutritional content of the milk, it is far better to boil the milk at medium to low heat and refrigerate after cooling. This ensures you get the most out of every glass of milk you drink.